Veterans' Affairs

Trevor Coult MC, the Director of Veterans’ Affairs at the Time Party, has been behind many of the positive changes taking place in the veterans’ community. It is only when issues are approached with a solution in mind rather than with an argument to make that doors open and we are welcomed in for a debate to enable resolutions.

In 2018, there was a marked spike in veterans taking their own lives due to mental illness and a significant increase in the number of veterans self-harming due to frustration, PTSD and other serious mental health concerns. 

We have already met and had talks with the Chief of Defence People (CDP) Lt General Richard Nugee CVO OBE and explained how we could mitigate many of those issues. The Ministry of Defence (MoD) will be changing their Policies on PTSD by offering an alternative to the £6,000 interim pay-out and begin to offer the option of a veteran who has been discharged with mental health issues that the MoD pay his rent/mortgage at a rate that will be capped up to and including £800 per family per month.

Our main focus will be on

Mental health – (PTSD Resolution)
Housing – (Help for Homeless Heroes)
Benefits/PIP/ESA – (PRU)
Counselling –  ( Stand Easy Charity)
Training –  ( MRHQ with ELC)
Employment –  (MRHQ)

We have also discussed the feasibility of utilising one of the 93 disused military sites across the UK as a go-to facility for homeless veterans and of a consortium of 10 small, efficient and effectively-managed charities working together to devise a programme designed to help train, mentor and re-house veterans. This idea was well received by the CDP and by his senior advisor.

Representing the Time Party, Trevor Coult will be working very closely, on an ongoing basis, with many military charities and, we believe, that in addition to helping the community of veterans, our work will help to enable the British Army’s recruitment drive, resulting in an increase in recruits as a result of these improvements.

The Time Party is pleased and honoured to promote MRHQ.

The Military Resettlement Headquarters is an online career platform for British Armed Forces service leavers, veterans and reservists. MRHQ provides transparency, restores control and implements a focus to the scattered, fragmented marketplace for both Forces personnel and SMEs/Corporates.

If you are looking for your next role within the civilian workplace, put yourself onto MRHQ, the ex-military specific platform. Connect with Forces-friendly companies registering through the platform with opportunities across the UK and abroad.

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