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Like any deployment or exercise in the Military... joining civvy street is just one more challenge that you'll nail if you prepare for.

It will be different from anything you'll have done before but the principles remain the same. If you get amongst all the information on here, get your profile sorted and learn the principles involved with interviewing, making the transition out of the Military will be easy, remember, train hard - fight easy.

"See us as your PDT to joining 1st Civ Div!"

In short, this is your new resettlement guide:

  1. Once you register, you will see a 'personal tracker' map.

    This will help you tick off the boxes and keep you focussed on what you need to do next - it's the key to launching you as a new brand.

  2. So, get started by completing your profile.

    Add your CV and basic information.

  3. We have designed an intelligent evaluation test you can work through.

    Shouldn't take any longer than 15 mins. The product of this test is vital to set everything off into motion.

  4. Your results will indicate the types of jobs you are suited to.

    It won't necessarily be what you've been doing in the past either, it'll be what suits your skill set and personality.

  5. You will then select the job type you you would like to learn more about.

    By selecting a job type, you will be notifying every company on this site that is looking to hire that particular skill set. Your profile will be at the top of the list. You'll also be able to review the list of companies and proactively engage yourself via their company profile page.

  6. A mentor acting on behalf of the company will then get in touch...

    You can then meet and find out everything there is to know about that particular job and the company. Luckily for you, all mentors are veterans so have been through it all themselves.

  7. If you want to get in touch with the mentor yourself, there is a direct link to him or her via the company profile.

    Be as proactive as you like!

  8. In civvy street, 90% of jobs are not advertised.

    It's via the above methods that people gain employment. You may have heard of the phrase, it's not what you know, it's who you know? Well, you now know everyone you need to!

  9. However, if you do fancy checking out the companies and what jobs they're advertising, we have them all on our job site.

    Apply directly to the jobs advertised on our job board.

  10. The results of the test will also activate training providers and institutions.

    Depending on the job you need, civilian recognised qualifications or accreditation might be needed. Same detail as companies, they will get in touch with you and/or you can reach out to them.

  11. Whilst you're speaking to companies and getting qual'd, we have taken the time to write-up every single industry in a small bite size chunk.

    Learn about the company you're applying too and do your research on your job description. 

  12. You'll be getting close to the actual interview stage.

    The hard work is paying off... now it's crunch time. Preparation here is literally everything. We have developed the all-encompassing guide detailing how to handle the interview stages.

There's nothing we've missed...

Leaving the Armed Forces has never been made so transparent.  Utilise our resources to help with your transition or to land your next job in the civilian work environment. 

All we have done is simply remove all the conflicting advise and enable you to get the answers from the only people that matter. We have created a direct link between service personnel and companies looking to hire. Follow our SOP detailed above and you'll be in an incredibly strong position when going for your next position. 

We've given you the power to succeed. What you do with it is up to you. Search for companies jobs & training providers to increase your career progression.