10 questions to ask as a candidate in a job interview

06 February 2019

Now that the interview is nearing the end it is one of the vital turning points for employers & recruiters when looking to hire. If you haven't thought what you would ask the interviewer take a look below. It is an excellent way to find out if the job or even the company is suitable, find out if your skills relate as you may need to hit the ground running or if there is training involved when starting the role.

1. How does this role contribute to larger company goals?

When leaving the tri-services it is important to establish how the role you are applying for will fit in with the company’s objectives. This can help you work out whether the company’s transparent and effectively communicates.

2. What do the most successful new hires do in their first month here?

This question demonstrates that you're the type of person who likes to hit the ground running. This shows that you are wanting to replicate the success to be able to perform at your best. This allows you to know more about the company so you don’t look back and wonder “I wish I had known that 6 months ago”

3. What metrics would you use to measure success in this role?

This question differs for each role that you are applying for. It demonstrates that you are wanting to succeed and are happy to take on roles of responsibilities to get there. Service leavers and veterans have the ability to see success patterns and adapt quickly to different environments.

4. What are some of the challenges or roadblocks one might come up against in this role?

A question like this indicates that you're already envisioning yourself in the role and thinking through a plan of attack, should you land the gig. It's also a sign that you're well aware that no job comes free of roadblocks and that as ex-military you are prepared for challenges.

5. What is the biggest challenge the team has faced in the past year?

Interviewers try to paint a pretty perfect picture of what working on the team might look like, asking this question will help you uncover some of the realities the team has been facing recently and ultimately be the same challenges you will have to face.

6. Why did you decide to work at this company?

This question can let you make the decision to see if the company is a good fit for you as you may be looking for a hub for support to replicate the camaraderie outside of the military. Can see if there is common ground with the hiring recruiter.

7. You've been at this company for a while. What keeps you motivated?

If your interviewer has been at the company for several years, understanding why could give you some really interesting insight into the company, how it treats its employees and a taste of what motivates the people who work there. Plus, it shows you've done your research on the interviewer, which is always an impressive sign.

8. Where do people usually eat lunch?

Do people bring lunch but eat in groups? Do they normally eat at their desks because they're too busy to socialise? This question serves as a great way to find out a little bit about the company culture. It can take the tension away from other questions and get yo both on common ground.

9. What is your company's customer or client service philosophy?

This question goes into depth to see how the company handles its core business to gain the end result of satisfying customers & clients.

10. Do you have any questions or concerns about my CV?

This question shows that you're not afraid of critical feedback -- in fact, you welcome it. This can address the issues face to face without being too confrontational as it allows the recruiter to address these before moving further if there is any. If you are able to find out what they see as a weakness then turn this around into a positive so that they can see that you are able to demonstrate quick thinking around a difficult subject.


These questions are advice and not directly related to each role that you may apply for. Use these 10 questions as a guide for you to take a look at prior to interviews, do take into account that your scenario will change from interview to interview. It is important to ask a few questions after the recruiter has gone through all the details as it is a chance for you to get to know the company. Most importantly do your research on the company and you will then know which questions to ask the company.


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