Looking to hire in 2019?

07 February 2019

With the increasing uncertainty of Brexit companies are looking for alternative options for hiring new staff in 2019. The military Resettlement Headquarters allows companies the opportunity to hire internally with the use of our online ex-military platform. The only searchable database within the UK & Europe.

Service Leavers

Service leavers on the MRHQ platform are from the Tri-Services, take a look at their transferable skills here:

• British Army 

• Royal Air Force 

• Royal Navy

Companies are able to hire service leavers throughout their resettlement period. This allows a company to have a candidate for 28 days work placement free of charge as it is covered by the MoD as part of the signing off from the Armed Forces, this allows for both the candidate and the company to see if it is a good fit.

Service leavers are allocated circa £6,000 over a 5 year period if they have left after 2016. This is a great way to up-skill your workforce whilst they're learning on the job. If a candidate may not have all the qualifications when initially they would be able to utilise their Enhanced Learning Credits. Service leavers are looking to hit the ground running as they have a set date of leaving the military. With their experience in a wide range of fields, they are able to offer more than what your job title states. 


With a 2014 report stating there were 2.8 million veterans residing in the UK, they make up for a large part of our platform looking for employment & training. As veterans are allowed free access to the MRHQ platform it adds great value to company searches. With the veterans already having years of experience within the civilian workplace. They utilise the MRHQ platform as a career progression portal that enables them to join companies that know the value of ex-military. With their knowledge of civvy street and their high work ethic of service personnel, they are highly valuable when considering your recruitment strategy. 

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With the British Armed Forces Reserves having a service number they are allowed free access to the platform. The Reservists are in a unique position as they are part-time service personnel with full-time civilian employment. As they may be looking for a new role within their industry or across industries it would be a great asset to a company to hire them as they're highly driven and motivated to succeed.

• British Army: 35,000

• Royal Navy: 3,000

• Royal Air Force: 2,220


Hire ex-military in 2019

With the three streams of Armed Forces personnel, as ex-military, they are looking to join relevant companies that allow for career progression and allows them to gain fulltime employment throughout the various sectors. With any role that you may be looking to fill there are service leavers, veterans or reservists that will be able to fill the skills demand with skilled employees.

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