Military Dogs

28 September 2018

Pup Soldiers: Our brave four legged-heroes

Dogs were used in war by many countries but not all, with Germany recruiting over 30,000 canines to the UK, Belgian and France recruiting over 20,000. The USA however didn’t give much recognition for doggy troops until Corporal Robert Convoy smuggled in Sgt.Stubby.

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The roles they play

Throughout the Great War and World War II Dogs were used in Combat, including searching for explosives and casualties as well as becoming Scout and Sentry Dogs. Lt Col Edwin Richardson trained hundreds of Dogs in his kennel located in Essex to carry messages along the communication lines of the Western Front, smart man.

Dog Soldiers were in high demand during WWII as British families were urged to lend their pets, 2 weeks after posters reached the public, 7,000 families started the process. One woman wrote “My husband has gone, my sons have gone,take my dog to help bring this cruel war to an early end.”

Dogs & the Second World War

Famous War Dogs

Buster, a retired RAF springer spaniel had served along side his trainer detecting arms & explosives. British army dogs & their handlers are an integral part of the front-line defence. The intelligent and friendly Springer Spaniel that saved 1,000 lives whilst touring in Afghanistan, Bosnia and Iraq. Before his death in 2015 he sniffed his way through explosives, talk about “World-famous nose for action”. Buster had died at the age of 13 years, at the home of his handler.

How This British Army Dog Saved 1000 Lives In Combat 

Sgt.Stubby, a Pit Bull mix, one of the most renowned dogs in the U.S. history. He was a stray dog rescued by a WW1 Soldier in 1917. Honoured by three presidents Stubby saved the lives of many Soldiers by warning them after tracking the scent of the Mustard Gas he was sprayed with.

In 1918 he was hit by a grenade, as he surpassed his injuries he went on to help wounded soldiers recover "Perhaps he was the world's first therapy dog!". One of U.S. Army's most decorated dogs. 

Facts About Sgt. Stubby


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