Military Skills, and how they are applied in Civvy street!

20 November 2018

We are all aware of the 6 core values of the British Army:

  1. Loyalty
  2. Integrity
  3. Courage
  4. Discipline
  5. Respect for others
  6. Selfless Commitment

When looking into the British Army as potential candidates it is important to take everything into account. With all their training enabling them to become both independent and to work collaboratively within a team. The skills that they possess in the Army are easily transferred into the civilian workplace. The British Army is the largest service that the U.K. provides, this then has a higher leave rate after they finish their service. They are multiskilled candidates that are able to work in diverse working conditions. From a fast-paced to being within a controlled environment.  

Within these core values and standards are specific skills like teamwork and leadership, and it is super easy to overlook just how transferable they are to civvy street. But, do not fall into this trap!

The Armed Forces are highly skilled, trained and motivated individuals and these elements that are used in the army can be of great assistance in a multitude of different industries in civvy street, particularly if project management is a key skill. With their adaptability, all personnel needs to be flexible to meet the changing needs of operations… doesn’t sound like it will help in civilian life right now? Well, being adaptable can greatly assist in dealing with surprise situations and resolving them in a calm manner, ex-military employees are able to overcome problems by remaining calm and providing a solution whilst under pressure.

With their transferable skills, you can literally take up a civilian career in any industry. Take, RN Miss Mason; for instance, she served nearly 19 years in the Royal Navy as a Leading Hand Weapons Engineer. She is now pursuing a new career in Law. According to Natasha, she

“developed strong leadership skills which I have found particularly useful in civilian life. I also held the role of Equality and Diversity Advisor, which provided me with some excellent transferable skills”.

You will definitely be able to transfer your skills into civilian life in some way shape or form but take Miss Mason's advice:

“Give it time to get your CV right; don’t apply for a job with a half-hearted CV. Be yourself and don’t be afraid to aim high”