RAF hit a victory of Open Combat roles for women

11 September 2017

Following on from our previous article on "Women in Combat: A Step Forward for Equality", we are delighted to announce that women’s equal rights within the Military are evolving for the better, as the Royal Air Forces are the first branch of the British Military to allow women to apply to fight in combat with men. From September this year, RAF bases abroad and at home will give combat fighting recruitment opportunities to females for the first time, hoping to expand the 10%-14% of women in the RAF. This means they will now be able to join the front line ground fighting force.

Since former Prime Minister David Cameron lifted the ban to allow women to fight in combat, it sure has gotten some mixed reviews from certain individuals. Former Commander of the British Forces in Afghanistan, definitely has some concerns about women’s physical abilities to fight in combat with male soldiers, “ My concern is primarily in terms of physical capabilities and the effects that long-term stresses and strains of infantry training and operations will have on a woman’s body”.

Frank Clifford, the Commandant General of the RAF Regiment, told SKY NEWS that differences in physical strength between both sexes will not affect the RAF's success; “ We represent society, times have changed, we move forward with those times.” Times are certainly changing, but for the better, as women are already allowed to serve in close combat roles in Royal Armoured Corps!

Unknown critics predict that young women and men within the RAF will form relationships and disrupt close knit units, but official reviews state that women would not cause a distraction, and that is really all depends on good leadership. This lift on the the ban in women in close combat roles is ending years of military tradition…..and it’s about time!!!