Royal Navy Transferable Skills

28 January 2019


The Royal Navy is comprised of 33,450, which includes 7,000 marines (Armed Forces). With many of these recruits coming to the end of their service or simply retiring from the RN it allows the UK to hire highly skilled and confident individuals that will be looking to put their skills to use. Service leavers & veterans will be highly valuable throughout the recruitment process of companies looking to hire throughout the different industries that the Royal Navy crosses over with. 

Relatable Industry Sectors:


Cyber Security

Healthcare & Medical

Engineering & Manufacturing

Aviation & Aerospace

IT, Science & Technology

HR, Recruitment & Business Ops

With 80+ roles within the Royal Navy spanning across different industries, the service leavers and veterans will be valued employees through civvy street. If you are looking to fill roles that relate to these sectors than take a look at the Roles that candidates in the Royal Navy are experienced in.

 Assistant Chef - Chef

Mine Warfare Specialist - Royal Marines Bugler

Royal Marines Commando - Royal Marines Musician

Royal Navy Police - Weapon Engineer Officer 

Writer - Writer Logistician

Air Engineering Apprentice - Marine Engineering Apprentice

Submariner Apprentice - Weapon Engineering

Air Engineer Officer - Air Engineering Technician

Air Traffic Control officer  - Aircraft Controller

Aircrew Officer Observer - Aircrew Officer Pilot

Aircrewman - Biomedical Scientist / Student

Cadet Deck Officer  - Cade Marine Engineer Officer

Cade Systems Engineer - Chaplain / Reserve

Chef Apprentice - Communications Apprentice

Communications Information Systems Specialist  - Communications Technician

Cyber unit Reserve - Deck Officer

Dental Hygienist - Dental Nurse

Dentist Officer - Direct Entry Petty Officer Technician

Engineer Apprentice - Engineer Officer Bursary

Engineering Technician / Marine - Engineering Technician / Submariner

Engineering Technician / Weapon Engineering - Environmental Health Officer

Ex-Regular Forces Reserve - General Entry Officer Reserve

Hydrography & Meteorology Officer - Hydrography & Meteorology Specialist

Leading Hand Helicopter Controller - Leading Hand Supply Chain

Logistics Officer  - Logistics Supply Officer (Trainee)

Marine Engineer Officer  - Mine Clearance Diver

Motorman Grade 1 - Medical Assistant 

Medical Officer  - Medical Officer Cadet

Medical Officer Reserve - Medical Technician

Mental Health Nurse - Naval Airman Aircraft Handler

Naval Nurse - Nursing Officer

Nursing Officer Mental Health - Operating Department Practitioner

Qualified Medical Technician Reserve - Radiographer

Royal Marines Officer  - Royal Marines Reserve

Seaman Grade 1 - Seaman Grade 1AT

Seaman Specialist - Steward

Supply Chain Logistician - Survival Equipment Technician 

Systems Engineer Officer  - Training Management Officer

Warfare Intelligence Specialist - Warfare Officer 

Warfare Specialist

As service leavers and veterans would have utilised a broad range of skills when on operation and training they are able to offer a wide range of skills that would suit more than one role. With the ability for example for an electrical engineer to cross over into the mechanical field. Hiring ex-military If you are looking to hire such vacancies then do get in touch with the MRHQ team

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