Sports Massage Qualification: What can it do for you Ex PTIs?

31 August 2017

What is Sports Massage?


There are so many people practising massage with lots of skills and levels of experience that sometimes it can be confusing as to what being a Sports Massage Therapist actually means.


A sports massage is predominantly used to treat sports injuries as well as a preventative treatment to stop damage to muscle and connective tissues. It is an important practice that is required by Sports Teams, Sports Personnel, Military Personnel, the NHS and Personal Trainers, highlighting its significance to anyone engaged in physical activity.


What training does a Sports Massage Practitioner need?


Complete qualifications are needed to practice Sports Massage; you wouldn’t want someone unqualified targeting your sore spots! A Level 3 Sport and Massage Therapy Qualification is usually enough if you want to work as a personal trainer and wish to supplement your practice. Otherwise for Sports Injury Rehabilitation, a Level 4 Sports and Remedial Massage Diploma as well as the Level 3 is required.


Having this qualification can open up many doors such as working with sports teams, working with private sports personnel, working with medical and healthcare companies or even opening a massage clinic!


Where can I get trained?


Finding the right course can be a daunting task, there are so many courses out there which cater for different things. Core Elements is a company which provides these training courses and is specifically targeting ex-military personnel because they know that those in the military are heavily trained, and many already have medical and sports training. Ultimately, these courses can help develop any career path you want to take within the Sports and/or Medical sector.


Level 4 Sports and Remedial Massage Diploma:


Level 3 Sports and Massage Therapy: