Why Join MRHQ as a Charity?

The Most Effective Channel to Advertise Your Charity & Partner With Leading Companies

As a specialist Military charity, broad reaching or niche charity looking to diversify your audience, MRHQ provides access to the largest network of veterans in the UK.

Also housed all under this one roof are the biggest and leading FTSE 100 companies that support 'Friendly Forces' Ex Military hires/programmes and have signed the Armed Forces Covenant. They also are continuously looking for charities to partner with moving forwards and this is where they will select from to invest funds and grants.

We are opening a very simple line of communication to a network of corporate entities that all have the aligned goal in mind - supporting Ex forces. This ecosystem of support and opportunity means having all voices in one place to create and set up partnerships that will benefit our veterans for the foreseeable future.

Joining MRHQ at the 'Support and Charity' rate means opening access to not only companies with advantageous partnerships moving forwards, but also it gives you complete database access to contact those who need help and in turn, allows them to contact you via a platform they trust and habitually use.

We want charities to be able to measure their investments carefully and see the transparent return. The end goal of raising awareness approached by often spending thousands on print ads and networking events can be achieved immediately with the MRHQ platform and help those in need, now.