Why Join MRHQ as a 'Forces Friendly' Company?

100% Tangible Value and Return on Investment

Talent is the backbone of the world's leading corporations, now designated the most important aspect of business success; 'the people' build the brand, the value and the pathway. Ex Military personnel are some of the highest in demand individuals, due to their Technical training, Knowledge base, Unparalleled Experience, High pressure situational intelligence, Work ethic and invested funding, the list goes on.

However, never before has direct access been achieved. Companies spend thousands advertising to the Forces with an often minimal return on investment or even the ability to measure impact or attribution. Print ads, job posts, networking events, recruitment companies, job fairs; all these different expensive strategies channeling one objective with little return or transparency AND with a substantial investment of time and money.

We're now we're restoring power to both sides and facilitating real engagement with 100% tangible value.

MRHQ is an award winning platform that allows you unlimited database access in order to hire an infinite amount of people with zero placement fees or restrictions. Companies can now advertise to this coveted audience in a relevant tone of voice, post unlimited job ads, and network with charities and mentors all in one place. Having also signed the Armed Forces Covenant, thousands of companies have joined MRHQ as a robust way to fulfil the promise.

Also housing a host of professional entities like training providers, charities and institutions, means opening the lines of communication simply and directly to create partnerships with like minded organisations. Encouraging individuals to achieve your unique job qualifications with various training providers, choosing worthwhile causes to support via our specialist charities etc. They have all collaborated here with the consistent goal in mind.