Why Join MRHQ as a Recruitment Company?

Unlimited Access and Job Postings to the Largest Audience of Superior Candidates

Finding high quality candidates and enough of them in a limited time period is the basic challenge of recruitment. The national skills shortage means thousands of roles desperately crying out for qualified individuals but currently, we can't fill them quick enough.

MRHQ is the largest database of an untapped resource - Ex Military specialists; whose skillsets are obscenely broad and fantastically efficient: covering the likes of Logistics, Engineering, Cyber, Telecoms, Construction, Security, Culinary, Vetinery, Medical, the list goes on and on! They also possess the superior soft skills companies are seeking - Organisation, loyalty, leadership, time efficiency etc. These are the golden candidates you're looking for and they're all waiting...

MRHQ provides you with unlimited access to search for candidates and speak to them directly about roles you're currently placing. Your company will also have its own profile page with reviews for Military placements ensuring marketing all year round to the biggest Military audience. Tens of specialist agencies spend thousands a month on print ads and networking events all to achieve the same result we're providing from the off...access to the whole lot!