Why Join MRHQ as a Training Provider?

Attract the Highest Converting Audience with Zero Advertising

When Ex Military personnel first resettle, often their first port of call is a) acquiring civilian qualifications for new roles or b)translating their Military qualifications and training into civilian equivalents to put on a CV. This is an extremely important step, one that is encouraged through Royal funding.

Every member of the Services receives a bursary from HRH Queen Elizabeth in order to put them on the path to civvi street. They have £6,000 to spend it within the first year of transition so they have their grants burning holes in their pockets.

Therefore, the Ex Forces audience demands course capacity! They will enrol in an enormous array of courses and programmes throughout the year with investment immediately available.

Instead of spending thousands on print ads or events to increase networking and awareness, MRHQ gives unlimited access to market your courses to over 250,000 profiles while giving unlimited access to search and speak directly. You will also be automatically notified when a candidate matches your specialist sector criteria. This win win pairing of user with service means neither party needs to struggle in an attempt to find each other again.