Your Cheat Sheet to the Royal Air Force

The RAF are our eyes in the sky, perhaps making us one of the most formidable forces in the world.

The Royal Air Force delivers the UK Defence Vision by:

  • Protecting the UK and her interests 24/7
  • Providing the Nation with choice in times of crisis
  • Maximising the return on public investment

We work together on our core task to produce battle-winning people and equipment. Our people lie at the heart of this capability.

The RAF’s most significant impact comes through the delivery of intelligence derived from surveillance and reconnaissance. The importance of controlling the air has resulted in enormous investment in offensive and defensive systems.

Air attack therefore attracts strong political interest; its importance on the international stage is recognised as a provider of national or strategic influence.

Historically, the strategic use of air power has been associated with long-range bomber offensives. Current terminology more accurately reflects the true strengths of air power, primarily its ability to generate a strategic effect that is felt at a political level, through actions taken at a tactical level.

The rigorous aptitude testing and sheer mind blowing training the RAF go through is astounding. Their strengths are comprehensive and you will find ex personnel members in many high level strategic roles across the country.